Our Story

Thanks for wanting to read and know abit more about Ice Shack :)


Ice Shack has been founded by a small families love of desserts. Vegan ones.

The Ice Shack idea started many moons ago where the family wanted to create and share vegan desserts to the masses at affordable prices whilst creating an experience people will remember.

Vegan desserts, especially ice cream, are very popular over the pond and they are now coming over to our shores and we wanted to be at the forefront.

Several years ago if you wanted a vegan alternative you would have to pay extra for this privledge. Its now to a stage where theres not much difference in cost as society become more aware and cater towards diets of all kinds. 





We wanted to create a unique, quirky experience and we hope the moment you step through the front door you will feel this. The parlour has been created with 100% of the furnishings reclaimed, recycled or donated. This is from the pallets that hold up our work tops and reclaimed flooring to the chairs and sofas. The interior is very simple and quirky but we hope you feel at home within our humble, imperfect little parlour :)

We try to minimise our paper use as much as possible so when you purchase from the till you will not be given a paper reciept but be offered this in SMS or email format for free.

We offer free WIFI , donate 10% of all our annual profits to charity and have a host of free weekly, monthly and annual events. These events are created for you to come and try something new or to meet new people. There is zero obligation to buy anything - in fact many of the events are created to give you something. Just take a look at our time table and schedules page to see when our next gaming, runs or face painting sessions are.

Ice Shack provides onsite baby changing facilities, we are breast feeding friendly and we also are pet friendly. Bring along your pets, let them loose and let them snuggle on the couch next to you, we don't mind.


While at the parlour you can play a host of games, do jigsaws, play with baby/toddler toys, play 4-player retro arcade games and use our HD projector - all free of charge.


As part of our goal to have a positive impact on our surroundings the Ice Shack family spend 1 hour a week volunteering in the community. Whether it be spending the time litter picking around the local area or just helping at a local event - if you are in need of volunteers please contact us to see how we can help :)





On April 4th 2017 our parlour went completely vegan. We went from 75% dairy to 0% within a year of opening and have diversified out vegan sweet treats to offer a host of different ranges.


We would never serve anything we wouldn't consume ourselves or serve to a loved one and with that in mind we have taken great care in selecting our product range. 


We have teamed up with local people to create products for us and have agreed exclusivity on many of our ranges including our truffles and raw range... so you won't find the same ones anywhere else #heart.


The majority of our vegan bakery items are homemade and brought into the parlour, whilst a few items are brought in wholesale.


If you have any questions please feel free to pop in and speak to the team and try some of our sweet wares. You can also email in, tweet us or find us on Facebook where we are more than happy to reply to you personally. We also take on all feedback, so please dont hestiate to tell us what we are doing right or what we can improve :) Check out the menu on the website where you can download and view all the allergens etc too.


Thanks for taking the time to visit our page :) 


Much love.... The Ice Shack Family  xoxo



History Timeline


April 1st   ---- work commenced on the Ice Shack interior, contracts were signed, websites designed, items in the attic sold as the cogs started turning on this self funded project.


May 17th  ---- our humble opening as a vegan and vegetarian desserts parlour.


June 17th ---- Shirlaine shake is born. Our first signature soya shake.

Local artist Amanda Milligan starts making custom art for Ice Shack.


July 14th ---- originally we started off as a 75/25 vegetarian and vegan desserts parlour but at this point we scrapped our vegetarian dairy based cakes fridge and  increased our vegan bakery offerings. Az turned vegan (from being Vege for 8 years) and Sarah was very happy (already vegan for 18 years).


July 24th ---- Our first every curry lock-in !!!!!

Our Soy whipped cream finally comes (after ordering in April)


Sep 1st ---- We start fulfilling wholesale vegan ice cream orders and birthday cakes to individuals and small businesses.

Our board games number go from 6 to 35.


Oct 15th ---- After lots of hard work and tinkering, our range is now 75 items vegan and 25 veg.

To help support other small vegan centric businesses we team up with Nellie Tree, Lozza bakery, Curry Maid and Mama Tan who broadens our vegan ranges.

We bring in a new coffee machine that freshly grinds the coffee beans.






Feb 26th ---- Our first of many charity, curry night fundraisers completed :) woop woop


Feb 28th ---- We increase our truffle range to include vegan milk and white chocolate. We team up with MB chocolatiers to bring in raw coconut chocolate bars and raw peanut chocolate bars.


We increase our focus on being an all vegan desserts parlour. 


April 4th ---- In line with our values we ditch the dairy and become 100% vegan. We increase our raw range, bring in a whole chocolate counter and bring in a homemade vegan dog biscuit range.

We get so much love and support from all over the globe :) 






April 20th --- Our team increases for the first time (by 1) and we are so lucky to have Mike join our Ice Shack family :)


April 25th --- We go wholesale and The Deaf Institute in Manchester become the first to buy our ice cream for their full vegan desserts menu.


May onwards --- We want as many establishments as possible to offer our vegan ranges - the bigger picture is to have amazing vegan options everywhere - thus removing the need to have non-vegan options. We hope to be on the forefront of this amazing movement.

We also are aiming to go PLASTIC-FREE and only use decompostable items for takeaway containers i.e. our milkshake cups/spoons/straws etc


August 7th --- Ice Shack is chosen in the top 12 desserts placesin the UK by PETA https://www.peta.org.uk/blog/sweet-tooth-favourite-vegan-sweets-desserts-around-uk/


Sep 1st ---- Ice Shack finishes 3rd in the Compassion Cup football tournament. We raise money for local animal organisations and charities.


Oct 30th -- We make the list of top vegan eats in Manchester :) http://ilovemanchester.com/2017/10/31/biggest-best-unbelievable-eats-manchester-world-vegan-month.aspx


NOV 10th -- Az and Mike join the team at SO TOTALLY VEGAN. The UKs first dedicated weekly, live radio broadcast show coming straight out of the FAB INTERNATIONAL HQ.






FEB 6th -- After having our two companions on vegan diets for 10 months and seeing the benefits - we start cooking and selling our own range of wet vegan dog food in 5lite tubs (approx 5kg).


FEB 21st -- ICE SHACK take part in a charity basketball match against The Allotment - raising money for the donkey sanctuary: losing 34-43 :(


APRIL 6th -- Beatrice starts up a monthly SCIFI BOOK CLUB from ICE SHACK :)


APRIL 10th -- We make the Northern Niche list of top 9 vegan places to visit up north :) woop woop 



MAY 5th  -- ICE SHACK makes the Taste list of vegan places to visit in the UK



MAY 15th -- ICE SHACK makes the ILOVEMANCHESTER list of top vegan places to visit in Manchester :)



MAY 21st -- Creative Tourist put Ice Shack as the top vegan place to visit in Manchester



JUNE 11th  -- Ilovemanchester keep sending the Ice Shack team more lovin'



JUNE 25th -- Ice Shack get a lovely review over at Crumbs from my table :)



JULY 3rd -- Some lovely locals spotted us :)



JULY 3rd  -- The Manc do an awesome video on our place - reaching over 200,000 views :o



JULY 21st -- Ice Shack get featured in The Guardian for top vegan desserts places to visit in the UK. 

(no link - article cut out in gallery)


JULY 29th-- Frankie did an awesome promo video of Ice Shack which we upload onto our website homepage :)






JAN 8th - Ice Shack makes the Manchester Evening News top vegan spots to visit in Manchester along with some other amazing places.



FEB - Ice Shack makes Top 5 junk food winner



JULY - Ice Shack makes MEN list for top ice cream in Greater Manchester 



AUG - Michael at Croma mentions us in a lovely article








JAN - Listed in MEN list of top vegan eats in Greater Manchester


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